Coronavirus Self-Quarantine Day #59: “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”

Just short of two months of the self-quarantine life, and in the last few weeks I finally feel like I’m used to it. It no longer feels like a big imposition to be at home all the time; the reality of this being our way of life for the foreseeable future has really sunk in. I’m alright with it.

As much as I miss going to the movies, getting a drink at a bar, or browsing a museum with hundreds of other people, I value the safety and health of my family more. I spend more time worrying about my extended family on the other side of the country than I do myself, because I know that we in this house will probably be okay.

I’ve never been happier that I transitioned to working from home last year. No, I’m not making the money I would like to be, but what income I do have hasn’t been effected at all by the pandemic. The biggest thing that has really changed about my day to day life is that when I occasionally leave the house to pick up some Taco Bell, I’m going through the drive thru, not eating inside.

Aside from going to get groceries, which we do via a store pickup program where we don’t even have to leave our car or interact with any other human except through our car window, we’re at the house all the time. I won’t even risk public parks or walking trails or that sort of thing — absolutely no contact with anyone that doesn’t live here, period. It’s the safest way to be.

And yet, every day I’m seeing more and more about people protesting the stay-at-home orders. They want so badly to go back to work for these horrible corporations that will bleed their entire existences dry, and they would risk their own lives and the lives of everyone in their community to do it. What’s worse, they’re coming to protests armed like a paramilitary group, showing off their obvious white privilege for all to see.

There’s nothing to say about them that hasn’t been said before, but I will reiterate what reasonable people already know. They’re a danger to everyone. They’re threatening the lives of every person who ever comes in contact with them, and anyone who ever comes in contact with whoever they come in contact with. Go on long enough, they are a threat to every person in this country, especially those who are forced to still work their “essential” jobs. And they’re doing it all while armed with rifles designed for the singular purpose of killing human beings.

They’re terrorists. And yet nothing is being done to stop it, to disperse the crowds. When people of color organize and protest for their right to not be murdered by police, they are tear gassed and shot with rubber bullets, if they’re lucky. And that’s without showing up to protests with weapons. But now we have white terrorists waving swastikas and Confederate battle flags armed to the teeth who are allowed to do it “peacefully’. Even in a pandemic, when the life of every single American is still in danger, white privilege reigns supreme.

It would almost be fitting that the most extreme example of white privilege I’ve ever seen could wind up being the collective downfall of the United States. But I’m hoping these terrorists are stopped before someone you or I care about becomes their victim.

Photo Credit: Gamerscore

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